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What Was The Name Of Osman Ghazi’s First Wife?

Rabia Bala Hatun was the wife of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Dynasty. She was the daughter of the famous Sheikh Edebali and the mother of Alaeddin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire. Edebali’s daughter is called by different names in the sources. Sheikh Edebali’s daughter is referred to as “Rabia” in the history of Uric, and as “Mal/Malhun” in those of Aşıkpaşazade, Neşri, Rüstem paşa and Lütfi Paşa.

Rabia Bala Khatun or Râbi’a Bâlâ Hâtun was the wife of first Ottoman Sultan Osman Ghazi. She was the daughter of the famous Sufi Sheikh Edebali. Her identity is being frequently confused with the mother of Orhan Bey, Malhun Hatun. Bala Khatun was died in 1324 and buried in Sogut in Modern Turkey with her Husband Osman Ghazi. The role of Bala Hatun in Osnam Ghazi was played by a famous Turkish actress ÖZGE TÖRER. According to history, Bala Hatun was a very beautiful woman.

Edebali became Osman’s mentor and gave him the Gazi sword. Osman at Edebali’s dergah, dreamed of a state. This dream, thus led to the establishment of a state. After this, Edebali’s daughter was married Osman I. As a result of this marriage, all the Ahyan sheikhs came under the Ottoman control. This had a major impact on the establishment and development of the Ottoman Beylik.

From the central government records regarding the property she received at the time of her marriage; the village of Kozağaç in the district of Bilecik, where the dervish hospice of her father was located. Her father Sheikh Edebali was an influential religious leader in the Ottoman territories.

In Ottoman history, Bala Hatun’s loyalty, courage, and leadership qualities are frequently emphasized. The events and relationships of that period provide important insights into understanding the initial years of the Ottoman State. Bala Hatun’s support for Osman Gazi may have played a role in the growth and strength of the Ottoman Empire.

However, uncertainties and legends may exist in the information available about Bala Hatun’s life and impact. Various narratives in historical sources might have changed over time. Therefore, for more detailed information about the life of Bala Hatun, it is recommended to consult current historical research and academic sources. Her father Sheikh Edebali was an influential religious leader in the Ottoman territories.

as you may know that the above lady was the daughter of Sheikh Edabali and she was the only daughter and she was the wife of Osman Bey who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire and also the first sultan who established the state and she It lasted for 623 years and Osman Ghazi, who was the youngest son of Ertuğar Ghazi, won many victories and also saw a huge poplar tree in his dream, which touched the heavens. It was that his descendants would conquer so much land that they would rule the entire world, as indeed it proved to be true. Usman Ghazi’s descendants ruled over three continents.

In addition to this, Bala Khatun was also a very brave warrior because she is the wife of Osman Sahib, you people know very well and Bala Khatun had a son whose name was Alauddin Sahib and besides that another son will be born. It is not told in the history correctly that Alauddin who will be the first Pasha of the Ottoman Empire and he will also issue coins and he was a good Pasha. There was also a commander.

She died in 1324. Although she preceded her husband, Osman, she was buried with her father in Bilecik. Bala Rabia Hatun’s tomb along with that of her mother’s, is a famous historical landmark found within the complex of the tomb of Sheikh Edebali. This complex was built by Orhan Ghazi and later renovated by Abdul Hamid II.

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