What Was The Name Of Osman Ghazi’s Second Wife?

Who Was Malhun Khatun?

Osman Ghazi’s second wife was Malhun Hatun. She was the daughter of Ömer Bey, the Bey of a small Turkmen principality. Malhun Hatun and Osman Ghazi had a son named Orhan, who later succeeded Osman as the second ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Malhun Hatun, also known as Mal Hatun or Mal Khatun, Malhun Hatun played a significant role in the early years of the Ottoman state, and her marriage to Osman I was an important alliance in the context of the political landscape of the time.

History Of Malhun Khatun?

The 1324 endowment deed for a DervishMonastery built by Sultan Orhan suggests that his mother was not, as popular historical tradition maintains, Edebali’s daughter but rather Mal Hatun, the daughter of one “Umar Bey or Ömer Bey”. The title “Bey”, used by the princely dynasties of Anatolia, suggests that Mal Hatun’s father was a person of some status and authority. One possibility is that he was the eponymous ruler of an “Amouri” (Umeri) Principality, which was located northeast of the emerging Ottoman State and disappeared in the late 13th or the early 14th century.

The Amouri are described by the 13th century Byzantine historian George Pachymeres, who says that a son of Umar fought with Osman in one of his first raids against local Byzantine lords (the victory of Baphaion). The Ottomans, according to Pachymeres, went on to assume the role played by Amouri until their demise as the principal aggressor against the Byzantines in the northwest Anatolia. If Pachymeres’s report is correct, the timing and the political context are appropriate for a marriage between Osman and Umar Bey’s daughter.

How Many Children Does Malhun Hatun Have?

Osman Gazi got married to Rabia Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun, and they had sons named Orhan Bey, Alaüddin Ali Paşa, Hamid Bey, Sözcü Bey, Pazarlu Bey, Melik (Arslan Murad) Bey and Çoban Bey, and a daughter named Fatma Hatun.

It is understood that there are many grandchildren from these children, these grandchildren of Osman Bey were born in the xv. the second half of the century and even the xvi. It is certain that they preserved their existence until the first half of the century. Although it is possible to think that the sons from this branch of the family were also subjected to the practice of “fraternal murder” after this date, it is not possible to try to explain the fact that the foundations, which can be understood from the records of the foundations regarding the children, are indifferent.

Even if it is thought that fratricide was already practiced, it is necessary to say that only sons born from sons belonging to the dynasty could not continue their lives. It should be said that the Ottomans started to implement the fratricide practice from the time of Murad Hüdâvendigar after Orhan Gazi’s death, compared to the policy that Sultan Murad followed against the world of principalities.

However, it is not possible to obtain information about which wife Osman Gazi was born from, and the identity of Ömer Bey, who is obviously a very important historical personality due to his being the descendant of Ertuğrul Gazi, could not be determined.

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