Who Was Abdul Rehman Ghazi / Ottoman Commander?

Who Was Abdul Rehman Ghazi?

Abdurrahman Gazi was a warrior of Ertuğrul. He also had a military career with Osman I and with his son Orhan Gazi. He was one of the early commanders of the Ottoman Empire, along with the likes of Turgut Alp and Konur Alp. He was the conqueror of Aydos Castle (located in Sultanbeyli District of Istanbul) which he conquered in 1328. He is famous for this conquest with a story of a Byzantine girl.

History Of Abdul Rehman Ghazi:

Abdurrahman Gazi is believed to have been born near the end of the 12th century, but his place of birth is unknown. He is believed to have been a prominent warrior in the periods of Ertuğrul Gazi, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi.

While Akça Koca, Samsa Çavuş and Konur Alp, along with other military figures of the Ottoman beylik, were busy with attacks on Akyazı, İznik and İzmit respectively, Abdurrahman Gazi organized raids to the fortresses on the Istanbul side. Until Bursa was conquered, he served as a fighter in the Ottoman-Byzantine border area.

One of the most important feats of Abdurrahman Gazi was to conquer a strong and famous fort-like Aydos, which was a very difficult task because that fort was the strongest and most important fort of the Byzantine army. The story of this fort near Baz Morrakhin is associated with a love affair. The story is like this.

The girl of the landlord of the palace had seen in a dream that a person had saved her from falling in the pit, so that person was very beautiful, due to which she had fallen in love with that person so in real life that girl when Abdul When Rahman saw the face of Ghazi in the army of his enemy, he immediately recognized it and she came to know that this is the person of my dream.

Abdurrahman Gazi fought many wars with the Ottoman army and won many places. It was famous about Abdurrahman Gazi Ghazi that Abdurrahman Gazi never sleeps at night without shooting arrows at the enemy. And never come down on horseback without wielding a sword during the day. Hazrat Abdurrahman Gazi fought a lot of wars and conquered big forts, many of which belonged to the Byzantine army. Told that Fateh belongs only and only to the right.

So she threw a stone towards a soldier on which it was written that I will give you this sultanate, if you come again at night to raid this fort, then I will enter you inside this palace. Abdul Rehman Ghazi did the same and therefore made it appear as if they wanted to go back to the end of the fort and they realized their failure and they returned after chasing their army.

With the army, reached that fort to raid and with the help of that girl, Abdul Rehman Ghazi entered that fort with some of his soldiers, due to which the fort became Fateh. And after that Abdurrahman Gazi married that girl, after which Allah also blessed him with a child from that girl. Abdurrahman Gazi is the person who is also known by the name of doing Aydos Castle Victory.

In 1328, Abdurrahman Gazi was sent by Orhan Gazi to besiege Aydos Castle, a prolonged conquest. The castle was allegedly conquered after the Tekfur‘s daughter experienced a dream of Abdurrahman saving her, prompting her to help Abdurrahman seize the castle, betraying her father. After the conquest, Abdurrahman is said by historian Halil İnalcık to have married the Tekfur’s daughter on Orhan Bey’s request, and to have had a son with her.

Abdul Rehman Ghazi Death:

Abdurrahman Gazi is believed to have died in 1329 in unknown circumstances.[1] He is buried in Abdurrahmangazi village near Eskişehir, in Samandıra, near Istanbul.

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