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Who Was Dundar Bey / Son Of Suleman Shah?

Who Was Dundar Bey?

Dündar Bey was the youngest son of the Kayı Bey Suleyman Shah or Gündüz Alp and the younger brother of Ertuğrul (13th century). He was the uncle of Osman I, the founder of Ottoman Empire.

Real History Of Dundar Bey:

At the time of the division of the Kayı tribe, Dündar Bey migrated with his older brother Ertuğrul after the death of their father. When Ertuğrul died c. 1280, leadership/chief beyship of the Kayı tribe transferred over to Ertuğrul’s son, Osman I. When Osman I decided to attack a small Greek island, Dündar set a trap for him; Dündar rebelled because he thought such an attack would destroy the tribe. The circumstances surrounding his death are, like many other details of his ill-documented life, disputed. Historical sources disagree on whether or not he was executed by Osman I.

During Dundar’s exile, he got married to Zohre Hatun in 1244 and Hazal Hatun in 1242. He had two children with Zohre Hatun named Batur and Aygul. He had one child with Hazal named Bahadir. He returned to Ertugrul after 11 years of exile in 1251. However, he is still not matured at this age, and when the Mongols invade the tribe in 1279, he immediately surrenders, and the tribe is saved by Veterans of the Tribe and the sons of Ertugrul Ghazi.

In 1280, Dundar attempted to become Bey and betray after Ertugrul’s death in early 1280 and gets exposed and is shot in the heart in a public execution. In the series, this is how Dundar dies. However, in real history, he lives on for many years. He miraculously survived the arrow, and stays in hiding, ashamed of what he had done. In 1298, Dundar went to Osman and begged to be forgiven. He is forgiven, but he is reduced to an Alp. He fights in the Battle of Inegol in 1299, and the Battle of Yenisehir in 1300.

However, in 1302 he gets severely wounded, and dies shortly after at the age of 88. Shortly after his death, Osman posthumously made him a Bey of the Ottomans. It had all happened when Osman Ghazi had decided to go and conquer a nearby Greek Island. Dundar Bey had strongly disagreed, arguing that they had already enough enemies to deal with. Had he not done anything more than simply disagree, he would have been fine.

However, Dundar Bey had had enough of his disagreements with Osman and now had his eyes on the beys fur, and wished to have himself the leader of the Kayi Tribe. And so Dundar had gathered his supporting beys, attempted to rebel against Osman and take over the Kayi Tribe. This was when Dundar Bey had set a trap for Osman and teamed up with Osman’s enemies.

And though he had set a trap that was supposed to have Osman Ghazi killed, it did not succeed. As Osman Ghazi had survived the trap, and as he came back to his tribe, word had reached him about the old Dundar Bey’s betrayal. And so for Osman, this was finally to be the last straw. And so immediately Osman went out to confront Dundar. And it was then and there, when Osman pulled out his sword & struck at his aged uncle, and that came to be the unfortunate end of Dundar Bey, son of Sulayman Shah, and the very brother of Ertugrul Ghazi. He died in 1298 CE. 

  After Osman learned about his uncle’s betrayal, he knew it was the last straw. Historians differ on exactly how Dundar Bey was executed. Some sources say that the royal blood was not spilled, and Osman strangled him with a bow. Other sources say that Osman had shot him with an arrow. Though, historians have even argued that Osman struck his uncle, Dundar, with his sword, giving him a fatal blow. 

Death & Buriel:

Dundar Bey was buried in Sogut, in 1299 CE.

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