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Who Was Hayma Hatun / Wife Of Suleman Shah?

Who Was Hayma Hatun?

Hayme Hatun also known as Hayma Ana (Mother Hayma), was the grandmother of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire and the mother of Ertuğrul Gazi, Gündoğdu and the leader of the Kayı clan of the Oghuz Turks. She was bestowed and known by the title of Devlet Ana (State Mother) of the Ottoman Empire.

History Of Hayma Hatun:

Her name appears as Haymana, Hayme Hatun, Hayme Sultan, Ayva Ana and Ayvana. The name Hayma Ana seems to be an obvious transference of the topographic term haymana, or “prairie”, into a personal name.

She was of Turkish descent and belonged to a Turkmen family of the Dodurga tribe. She was the grandmother of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. She had four sons:

  • Gündoğdu Bey
  • Sungurtekin Bey
  • Ertuğrul Gazi (father of Osman I), Bey of Söğüt
  • Dündar Bey

Character Of Hayma Ana In Dirilis Ertugrul:

Hayme Hatun, also known as Hayme Ana due to her loving everyone as her own children, is a character in the Turkish TV series Diriliş: Ertuğrul. Hayme is portrayed by Turkish actress Hülya Darcan and the character is based on the alleged grandmother of Osman I, Hayme Hatun.

Hayme Hatun was born in the Dodurga tribe to her father the bey of the tribe, and she had elder brothers, all of whom were martyred except Korkut. After Süleyman Şah’s first wife died, he came to ask for Hayme Hatun’s hand from her father, the Bey of the Dodurga.

Hayme Ana, sometimes spelt as Haymana, has a strong personality, being ready to fight anyone, even the toughest of men. She is not only intelligent but also very loving and kind, earning the name “Hayme Ana”, meaning “Mother Hayme” in English. Hayme Hatun cares for everyone as her own.

The TRT 1 website states about her character; “She is a woman who will not hesitate to pick up the sword for the sake of her tribe and the good of her sons. Hayme Ana also has enough political awareness and skills to lead her people in the absence of the men.

Hayme Hatun’s character was much loved by fans due to her strong personality and the way she loved everyone. Her character also touched the heart of Pakistani actress Aisha Uqbah Malik. A member of the season 1 cast, Hande Subaşı, who played the role of Aykız Hatun, also praised her character and said that “Hulya Darcan, or Hayme Ana from Ertugrul, was like a mother to us, just like in the show.” 

Like other members of the cast including Hande Subaşı, Hülya Darcan, who plays the role of this character, had to face people who disliked her real-life pictures. An image of Darcan with Esra Bilgiç, who plays the role of Halime Hatun, went viral on social media. It was rumoured that the character will return in the second season of the sequel series Kuruluş: Osman, although she didn’t appear.

Hayme Ana has moderate influence on the plot in the first season. Hayme Ana is one of the few people who welcomes Halime Hatun, who marries Ertuğrul later, to her tribe, and is shown to be intelligent as has suspicions on all traitors including her brother-in-law Kurdoğlu Bey and adoptive daughter Selcan, who frequently attempts to instigate her husband Gündoğdu against Hayme. In the second season, Hayme Ana is shown to be the leader of her tribe, following her husband Süleyman Şah’s will after his death.

After the Kayı are attacked by the Mongols, Hayme Hatun leads them to her brother Korkut’s tribe. With the traitors in the Kayı being dead, they now have to face the main traitor in the Dodurga, Korkut’s wife Aytolun Hatun. Aytolun seeks to make her brother the Uç Bey of the Turks and does anything to accomplish this. After a series of events, including Ertuğrul’s hand being severely wounded by the Mongols who captured him earlier, making Hayme Ana prevent him from becoming the Alpbaşı, Hayme is forced to exile her son due to some circumstances, a decision she later regrets.

After the treachery of many people, including Aytolun, is revealed and Gündoğdu becomes the Bey, Ertuğrul, Halime and Hayme split from Gündoğdu, forming a separate tribe in the West of the Selçuk state.

Hayme Hatun once again has a moderate influence on the storyline after the second season. She is seen with her 7-year-old grandson Gündüz and is also shown to help Halime be a good Hanım. With regular face-offs with the women of the Çavdar tribe, the season ends with the Kayı forming a close bond with the Çavdar. In the fourth season, she continues to do what she did in the third season. However, in the end, Hayme kills the notorious Alangoya, who attempted to exterminate Ertuğrul and his family.

In season 5, after the death of Halime, she is shown to be a strong support for her son. She is extremely happy when Selcan, who repented in the second season, returns with her son, Süleyman Alp. When the devious Sırma of the Umuroğlu instigates Hayme’s adoptive daughter-in-law Hafsa against Selcan, Hayme is shown to be there to resolve their issues. Hayme even treated Sırma as her daughter while she was betraying her the whole time, the latter being killed by her sister İlbilge, who later marries Ertuğrul.

Hayme is mentioned to have died in the period between Diriliş: Ertuğrul and the sequel Kuruluş: Osman. However, she is mentioned by people such as Gündüz Bey and Ayşe Hatun and also by Ertuğrul, when he remembers his loved ones in his final moments. She is later remembered by her grandsons Gündüz, Savcı and Osman when recalling her love for Dündar after he is revealed as a traitor, with Osman wishing she had never loved Dündar, and with Gündüz regretfully remarking that he used to see Hayme’s likeness in Dündar.

Buriel Place & Death:

Hayma Ana’s Died in 1267 and last resting place is at Çarşamba, a village near Domaniç, in a pasture area, close to a route connecting the lowlands east of Bursa with Tavşanlı. In 1892 Abdul Hamid II saw the recovery of the tomb of Hayme Ana.

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