Who Was Konur Alp / Ottoman Commander?

Konur Alp, was one of the warriors of Orhan I and Orhan. Konur Alp was among the early commanders who served in the establishment of the Ottoman State.

 Prior to becoming the head of the Kayi Tribe, Osman Ghazi took part in many campaigns and expeditions. During this time, he had a couple of close friends who would accompany him to every place he would go. These close friends of his would be with him in every hardship that he was to face.

And so, after decades in accompanying Osman Ghazi in all the raids and battles he would fight in; together, they would establish the Ottoman Empire. These close comrades of his were Turgut Alp, Samsa Cavus, Abdurrahman Ghazi, Aykut Alp, Saltuk Alp, Hasan Alp, Akca Koca, and of course, Konur Alp.

And so, these loyal companions of Osman Ghazi would soon become the most significant commanders of the Ottoman Empire, and would conquer many far away lands together.

   It is believed that Konur Alp was buried in the same Konur Alp Township that was named after him. About 668 years after his death, Konuralp Museum was opened in Duzce Province, in 1994 CE, by the Ministry of Culture.

The opening of the museum indicated Turkey’s love and respect for the early Ottoman Hero. And today, people from all around Turkey come to visit the grave built outside of Ertugrul Ghazi’s tomb, in honor of the great warrior, Konur Alp. 

Since 1300, when Osman I started the struggle against the Byzantines, Konur Alp was also present along with his fellow soldiers such as Akca Koca, Samsa Cavus, Aykut Alp, and Abdul Rehman Ghazi.

Since Orhan Gazi took over the military administration while his father was still alive, he sent Konur Alp to take over the region towards the Black Sea. Konur Alp conquered Akyazi, Mudurnu, Sakarva, and Melen Basin.

According to Ashikpashazade, he took Aydos Castle with the help of Gazi Abdurrahman on the orders of Orhan. In 1321, Mudanya was captured on the Sea of Marmara, which was the port of Bursa. Orhan then sent a column under Konur Alp towards Western Black Sea coast, prior to taking Bursa. 

In 1323, the city of Prusias ad Hypium was conquered from the Byzantine Empire by Osman Gazi (r. c. 1299-1323/4). Osman Ghazi handed over the city’s control to his commander Konur Alp. In 1326, he played vital role in the conquest of Bursa.

Konur died in 1328 and is believed to have been buried in Düzce. After Konur Alp’s death, the places under his administration were combined and given to Murad I.[6]

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