Who Was Osman Bey’s Daughter / Fatima Khatun?

Fatma Hatun is the daughter of Osman Bey and his second wife Malhun Hatun. She is the younger sister of Orhan Gazi and Alaeddin Pasha. Fatma Hatun has a cheerful nature. She is chirping and cannot sit still. She is curious and cares about his family’s problems and tries to solve them. It is Osman Bey’s secret treasure. Fatma Hatun is very attached to her brothers.

Who Was Fatima Khatun?

Fatima Melek Hatun, first Ottoman princess, Fatima Khatun born in 1284

Relatives Of Fatima Khatun:

Osman Bey (father), Malhun Hatun (mother), Orhan (Brother),Alaeddin Ali (brother), Ertugrul Ghazi( paternal grandfather), Omer Bey (maternal grandfather), Halime Hatun (paternal grandmother), Gunduz Bey (Uncle), Savci bey (uncle), Aktemur Bey (cousin), Aydogdu Bey (cousin), Bayhoca Bey (cousin), Ertugrul bey (cousin), Selvi Hatun (aunt),Ayse Hatun (aunt), Lena Hatun (aunt),Suleyman Shah and Hayme Ana ( Great Grand-parents)

She and Her cousin Aydogdu Bey are only grandchildren of Ertugrul Ghazi born in year 1284. She was named in the foundation deed of her brother Orhan.

Place Of Death:

Fatima died in 1347 and was buried in Sogot

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