Who Was Samsa Cavus / Ottoman Commander?

Samsa Cavus Real History:

Samsa Cavus , comrade of Ertuğrul Gazi , Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi , is one of the figures who served in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire . Date and place of birth is unknown. He is the first person to use the title of sergeant in the Ottoman Empire .

It is rumored that Sergeant Samsa came to Söğüt together with Ertuğrul Gazi and his tribes and tribes. However, since Sergeant Samsa’s family was very large, he was overwhelmed by the pressure of the İnegöl Greeks and left Söğüt and migrated to the Mudurnu region. 

He started to maintain his existence and livelihood by giving mudara (giving worldly goods and showing a smiling face for the sake of religion and peace) to the Greeks here.

He came to Söğüt with Ertuğrul Gazi and his tribes and tribes , and participated in many wars during the time of Osman Gazi. It is known that he took part in the Battle of Pelekanon . Iznik and Sorkun showed heroism in the conquest of Mihalıçcık.

When Osman Gazi went on his second expedition towards Sakarya 17 years later, Samsa was again the deputy sergeant. When they arrived in Lefke and Çadırlı, the tekfurs of both castles surrendered their castles, begging for mercy. When Sergeant Samsa requested that these two castles be left to him privately, Osman Gazi said:

This would not be the right move. Because if we take away the property of those who obey us, then no one will obey us and we will always have to fight. He did not accept his request and left the takfurs in their places. He made Sergeant Samsa happy by giving him one of his own castles near Yenişehir.” This place is still known as Çavuş village. Then, Mekece, Akhisar and Karaçepiş fortresses were conquered.

When Orhan Gazi conquered Karatekin Castle, he appointed Sergeant Samsa as his guard. He is one of the loyal friends and comrades of Ertuğrul and Osman Gazi . He is the first person to use the title of Sergeant in the Ottoman Empire.

From now on, Sergeant Samsa began to take a more active role in the conquests. In 1317, he went on an expedition with Orhan Gazi and conquered the Karatekin fortress on the Iznik road. Following the conquest, Orhan Gazi appointed Sergeant Samsa as the commander of the castle. From then on, Sergeant Samsa and his veterans continuously raided Iznik. He took part in activities that would facilitate the conquest of the castle.

He lived in Bilecik Söğüt Samrı village and his name is in that village. Water has been flowing in the square since 1300 for his tomb and mausoleum.

When Did Samsa Cavus Cavus Die?

Sergeant Samsa, who spent his life mostly ruling the Sakarya tribe, died after 1330. His tomb is in Hacımusalar village near Mudurnu.

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