Who Was Sheikh Edabali / Ahi Brothers?

Sheikh Edebali (Turkish: Şeyh Edebali), was Muslim Sheikh of the Ahi brotherhood, who helped shape and develop the policies of the growing Ottoman State. He became first Qadi of the Ottoman Empire. He was the father of Rabia Bala Hatun (wife of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire).

According to historical accounts, Şeyh Edebali played a significant role in shaping the values and principles of the emerging Ottoman state. He is often credited with influencing the development of the Ottoman rulers and contributing to the establishment of a just and ethical governance system.

Sheikh Edabali often conversed with his close friend Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman I about Islam and the state of affairs of Muslims in Anatolia. Osman had been a frequent guest of Edebali. Edebali became Osman’s mentor and eventually girt him with a Ghazi Sword.

Osman at Edebali’ sDergah, dreamed of a state. This dream thus led to the establishment of a state. After this, Edebali’s daughter Bala Khatun was married to Osman I. As a result of this marriage, all the Ahi sheikhs came under the Ottoman control. This had a major impact on the establishment and development of the Ottoman Empire Beylik.

Osman’s Dream is a mythological story about the life of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. The story describes a dream experienced by Osman while staying in the home of a religious figure, Sheikh Edebali, in which he sees a metaphorical vision predicting the growth and prosperity of an empire to be ruled by him and his descendants.

The story emerged in the fifteenth century, more than a hundred years after Osman’s death, and is thought to have been created in order to provide a foundational myth for the empire, as well as to embellish the life of Osman and explain his subsequent success.

When Osman tells Sheikh Edebali about the dream, the dervish interprets it as a sign that Osman would achieve great glory and fame in the name of Islam, and allows Osman to marry his daughter Malhun (Rabia Bala) Hatun.

Ottoman writers attached great importance to this supposed dream of the founder of their empire.

One of the well-known stories associated with Şeyh Edebali involves the symbolic gesture of giving his daughter, Malhun Hatun, in marriage to Osman I. Legend has it that Şeyh Edebali presented Osman with a symbolic gift, a dream of a flourishing tree that grew from his daughter’s womb, representing the future greatness and prosperity of the Ottoman state.

Osman, a young prince, was known and praised widely for his religious piety. Osman began to visit a holy man, Sheikh Edebali (1206–1326), out of respect for his purity and learning.

One day when Osman and his brother Gokalp were visiting the castle of their neighbor, the lord of Ineani, an armed force approached the gate, led by the chief of Eskişehir and his ally, Michael of the Peaked Beard. (Michael was the Greek lord of Khirenkia, a fortified city at the foot of Phrygian Olympus.) They demanded that Osman be given up to them, but the lord of Inaeni refused to commit such a breach of hospitality.

While the enemy lingered irresolutely around the castle wall, Osman and his brother seized the moment for a sudden attack. They chased the chief of Eskişehir off the field in disgrace, and took Michael of the Peaked Beard prisoner.

However, the captive and the captors eventually became friends; later, when Osman reigned as an independent prince, Michael sided with him against the Greeks, and was henceforth one of the strongest supporters of the Ottoman power.

One night, when Osman was resting at Edebali’s house (for the shelter of hospitality could never be denied even to a suitor),

Şeyh Edebali’s teachings and influence on the early Ottoman leaders contributed to the formation of a strong sense of justice, tolerance, and ethical conduct within the Ottoman society. His legacy is remembered and respected as an integral part of the early history of the Ottoman Empire.

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