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Who Was The First Son Of Ertugrul Ghazi?

Who Was Gunduz Bey?

 Gunduz Bey was born in Sogut, in the year 1229. He grew up in the household of Ertugrul Ghazi, as his eldest son; and had the honor & privilege of accompanying him on many campaigns and expeditions. Gunduz proved to be a real branch of support to his father, becoming his close confidant & companion. This sense of responsibly & ambition truly gave Gunduz Alp experience & intellect at a young age.

 Gunduz Bey was a strong, faithful supporter of his brother, Osman Ghazi. Though, on occasions, there were disagreements between him & Osman. In fact, Gunduz had at first, not accepted Osman’s position as the bey of the Kayi Tribe. Moreover, Gunduz & Osman had disagreements on how the tribe should be run, and how they should react to their neighbors. However, the situation & thought of Gunduz Bey was not entirely similar to that of Dundar Bey’s. As oppose to the latter (Dundar Bey), Osman Bey knew well that Gunduz had respect & obedience for his authority, despite their difference of opinion. 

Real History Of Gunduz Bey:

The year 1245 C.E is also said to be the year of birth of Gunduz Bey When Osman was born, Gunduz was 10 years old Some historians have also mentioned the differences between ‘Osman and Gunduz, in which the discipline of the tribe, and regard to the relationship with the neighbors, I have mentioned a little bit of disagreement on these things. and Gunduz Alp was interested in the leadership of Tribe But the Ottoman authoritative writer’s Ashiq Pashazad and Ibn Bibi rejected this historical view and wrote that Gunduz Alp was extremely in love with his younger brother Osman.

   After Osman established the Ottoman State, Gunduz was with him in just about every mission, and was a core layer of support to him. He fought countless battles, and made a name for himself, as one of the Ottoman Empires’ fiercest warriors. As a result of Gunduz Alp’s loyalty, ability, and service to the Ottoman State, Osman granted him authority over a large region, where he would serve as the Sanjak Bey (governor) of Eskisehir.

 Gunduz Bey was said to have been in his mid-twenties in the year 1258, when his youngest brother, Osman I was born. Due to the old age of his parents, Gunduz’s brother, Osman, was considered a miracle sent by God. Osman’s intelligence, foresight & valor truly made him a very commendable leader. Moreover, Gunduz’s father, Ertugrul Ghazi had entrusted the responsibilities of the Kayi Tribe to Osman, making it clear that Osman was destined to become the bey of the tribe. 

Osman Ghazi had certain qualities that Gunduz Alp made him the ruler of the Tribe by himself, And Gunduz had taken part in every war against neighbors, but especially against the Byzantine Christians. He stood by his younger brother for the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Christian historians also mentioned the differences between Osman Ghazi and his uncle Dundar Bey, And it is said that ‘Osman killed his uncle as a benefactor of the Byzantines But neutral historians have imagined the story of Dundar Bey’s murder as a fabrication.

Not to mention, Gunduz would then have 2 valorous sons: Aydogdu & Aktimur. Like his father, Aydogdu Bey was an excellent warrior, who had his name written among history’s most fearsome swordsmen. His younger brother, Aktimur Bey, too, would serve as a talented soldier & government official, during the establishment phase of the Ottoman Empire. And so, the two brothers proved to be worthy of their father, Gunduz Bey, and would most certainly carry on his legacy.

Gunduz Bey Death:

  In 1303, Gunduz Alp would die the honorable death of a martyr, fighting gallantly in battle, sacrificing his life for his nation. He was buried in Inegol, Turkey. Though, an honorary grave was built for him in Sogut, at Ertugrul Ghazi’s mausoleum (along with all the other early Ottoman heroes). And today, Gunduz Alp has proven to be a very highly esteemed & respected historical figure, whose legacy will forever remain in the hearts of his people, the soil of his homeland. 

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