Who Was Turgut Bey / Ottoman Commander?

Turgut Alp was one of the warriors and alps who fought for Ertuğrul, a Turkoman leader and bey, and Ertuğrul’s son Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. After the establishment of the Empire, he became one of its military commanders, serving Osman I, as well as his son, Orhan Gazi.

During the early Ottoman Conquests in the reign of Osman I, Turgut Alp was sent to Angelacoma (present-day İnegöl) and he conquered the area. This area consisting some villages, was given to him by Osman I and his territory was called Turgut-ili (Province of Turgut). During the Siege of Bursa, Turgut Alp, along with Osman’s warrior Mihal Gazi, participated in the conquest of Atranos Castle (later known as Orhaneli) in 1325, which played a key role in leading to the Ottoman conquest of Bursa during the reign of Sultan Orhan. He was also with Orhan during the conquest of Bursa (1326).

 Born to a Turkish Oguz Tribe in the year 1200 CE, Turgut Alp was destined to become a mighty warrior. Quickly, Turgut Alp would become Ertugrul Ghazi’s most trustworthy confident, accompanying him in nearly all his expeditions & battles. His courage, loyalty, intelligence, strength, & skillfulness made him a very commendable statesman. And so, alongside Abdurrahman Ghazi, he would serve the Kayi Tribe for a miraculous four generations, and would take on the duty as the chief of the Alps (who were heroic male warriors of the Turkish Tribes of Anatolia), remarkably for 3 generations. His courage and bravery became well known throughout the whole of Anatolia. 

He was one of the greatest and most renown warriors in Turkish history, a blood-brother to Ertugrul and his best follower and supporter, a very smart and capable man.He lived an unusually long life, even for our time. He outlived Erugrul Bey by 35 years, and he was killed in a battle, with his legendary battle-axe in his hand aged 125 years old! After Ertugrul passed away, Turgut become the main support to Osman, and when Osman established his Sultanate he rewarded Turgut with the highest position, as a Governor of the new State.

   In 1325, during the siege of Bursa, Turgut Alp, along with the Muslim-convert, Mihal Ghazi, took part in the conquest of Atranos Castle; which played a vital role for the following conquest of Bursa. After the death of Osman Ghazi, Turgut Alp, who was the chief of the Alps, as well as the head military commander; would continue to showcase his heroism, intellect, and wisdom for Orhan Ghazi, just as he had done for Ertugrul & Osman.

Legend has it, at the age of 125, Turgut Alp was martyred while fighting on the forefront of the battle, in hand-to-hand combat, with his famous axe in his hand! And so, that was the heroic & honorable departure of the conqueror of Inegol, owner of the battlefield, & greatest of advisors: Turgut Alp. Very few men like him have ever been recorded in the chapters of history. 

His tomb is located in the cemetery of Turgut Alp (Genci) village, İnegöl, Turkey. The grave outside the Ertugrul Ghazi’s mausoleum is an honorary grave, not the real burial place.

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