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Kurulus Osman Episode 158 In Urdu Subtitle

Welcome to Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 158 In Urdu Subtitle, In Episode 158, the most important scene you will see will be the trial of Alauddin because you know very well that Alauddin has been tried for killing Ahmed as You brother know that Ahmed was not killed by Alauddin, but by the commander uljay, which means that he should be eliminated and those who are establishing their state should also be eliminated in the next episode, which will be the most important scenes.

The most important thing that you will see is that Boran Bey Help will be caught and Osman Bey will punish him, although you brother know that Prana is now on Osman Bey’s side, are working but Osman Bey is not aware of this and anyway they have played a bad umbilical cord, nothing will happen to them, they will be saved, they are not such a problem and after that the most important scene and viewing Osman Bey will also kill the Qazi, who is a liar by Yakub Bey.

Apart from this, you will get to see this scene in the episode that Osman Bey will once again be successful in defeating the enemies and Osman Bey will once again find this. And as you saw at the end of 157 Episode, Uljay has laid a huge trap for Osman Bey, but Osman Bey will still be saved and Osman Bey will be victorious there too, and even if he kills the people. Now the episode is going to be awesome watch and stay connected and support Muqadas TV

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And besides, you will see that Orhan Bey and Elchim Khatun will also be making many efforts to prove Alauddin innocent and they will be running towards, because don’t get confused, the real Qazi Aya was Ruknuddin. They have been killed and apart from that Yaqub Bey has gone all out to bring.

It has been said that Alauddin Bey can be punished and not you know very well that Alauddin Bey is innocent. And inshallah Osman Bey will never allow this to happen nor will he let Alauddin die. Osman Bey will bring justice once again InshaAllah.

In addition to this, the Malka Khatun, who is the wife of Ibrahim Bey, is also plotting against Osman Bey because she has given this order to Uljay, who is the Mongol commander, that you will go and kill Qazi Ruknuddin and Alauddin is innocent and he will be proven innocent in this Episode 158.

In Episode 158, you will also get to see a great fight and also a good battle with Uljay as Osman finds out that Uljay is plotting against Osman. The hand of confusion is behind his every conspiracy. Ever since this has happened, troubles have been coming, then this Osman Bey will know in the next few days that they all have the hand of flying behind all of this.

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