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Kurulus Osman Last Episode 164 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Episode 164 As you all know that episode 164 will be the last episode of this season and as you may have seen in Terror that Kaunmaz is caught and in this episode Konstanin will be killed and as You saw that Konstanin had mentioned that he was sending some gold to the King and that he was sending his troops from there, and as you saw, Orhan Bey had captured it and his soldiers He has also been killed.

Osman Bey took action to catch Constantine by surprise. Despite the game he played, Konstantin came face to face with Osman Bey. What kind of ending did Osman Bey prepare for Constantine, Allaudin and Mehmet are sitting down, It is revealed that Mehmet Bey had a hand in the game played against Elçim Hatun. This is the last straw for Alaeddin. It is time for reckoning for Alaeddin and Mehmet. What will be the great impasse awaiting the two principalities at the end of this showdown.

In episode 164, you will see that Ahmed’s treachery will be exposed and Alauddin will kill Kaunmaz and also as you can see, Holofira is also in danger, So Orhan has said that if you allow me, I want to go and fetch Holofira from Bursa because that place is not safe and as you can see Holofira also killed Andra who was his servant has done because she was also committing treason.

As you have seen that Osman Bey has declared that now he is the protector and owns all the lands and is the servant of the Almighty. And the next episode is going to be quite spectacular as Osman Bey is going to declare his empire called Sultanate Osmaniya which lasted for 623 years.

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In addition, as you saw in the episode 163 last that Osman has reached the palace of Constantine and in episode 164 you will see that Osman alone enters the palace and destroys it. And besides, you will see in the next episode that Alauddin and Gonja’s remarriage ceremony was not held, so at the end of the next episode, they will have their ceremony, it will be a little function.

What Will Happen Between Orhan Bey And Holofira? On the other hand, Orhan Bey thinks that Holofira is not safe in Bursa. He asks permission to take him. What will Holofira answer to Orhan who comes to take her from Bursa. Allaudin Bey Gonca Hatun’s Wedding Today, After Osman Bey defeats Constantine and returns to the tribe, Alaeddin and Gonca’s wedding ceremony takes place. While festivity reigns everywhere, Osman Bey sends letters to all the principalities.

And in episode 164, you will see that Mehmet Bey will attack Kayi to save his sister but he will face Alauddin Bey and Alauddin Bey will also injure him and besides that he will have a lot of trouble. They will also market and will beat him enough. Besides, when he goes to his father, he will also tell him that these mosses belong to us.

Turks Under One Standard, Now is the time to establish the state. Osman Bey invites everyone to be like a clenched fist for the Turkish state. What will be the response of the principalities to Osman Bey, who wants to gather all the principalities under a single banner? Who will Osman Bey be with on this journey for the holy cause of Islam.

As you all know that Kurulus Osman episode 164 will be the last episode of season 5 and also the new season will come till November and its shooting will start almost in October and end of season five itself. Osman Bey will also announce his kingdom and spread the news of it throughout the world and also in many large areas and cold regions so that his state can be announced and he will become independent.

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