Mehmetcik Kutulamare

Mehmetcik Kutulamare Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle

Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare is a historical story of Mehmet and his friends in the Ottoman Empire ready for the First World War, the dream is to resurrect the state, and there is no more love for the motherland in the heart. Mehmet does not feel hesitation to show any kind of sacrifice and effort for the homeland. For this purpose, he participates in Osmancik Battalion, where Suleyman Military Bey is located and the most capable soldiers are selected, as you will watch the trailer for this video He is saying that I want a Battalion of soldiers that cannot be astray with any pain and shows a great struggle to go to the front.

In the First World War, there are so many soldiers, no war prisoners, 13,000 soldiers captured, officers and generals in these troops, all taken captive by Ottoman officers in the Kut city of Iraq . British suffers a heavy defeat. We have until the middle of this victory actually 1950, we’re celebrating the same victory as in Turkey, but after our entry into NATO, we start to this victory celebration. in 2016, we remember this victory again on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

Mehmetcik Kutulamare Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle, Realizing that he cannot leave the city of Kut by fighting, General Townshend looks for a solution in another way… He offers money to Halil Bey and asks him to allow him and his army to leave the city. Halil Bey’s reaction to this offer will be surprising for the General.

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Realizing that he cannot leave the city with an offer of money, General Townshend makes a plan to escape from the city. Although Captain Hamilton offers to stay and fight, the General is determined to get out of the city. Will the British army be able to escape from the city silently at night.

Mehmet Bozdağ, the producer and screenwriter of the popular TV series “Diriliş Ertuğrul” (Resurrection Ertuğrul), announced that preparations for a new show called “Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare” (Soldiers Kut al-Amara) have been completed and it will debut in January.

Bozdağ, who came to Konya province for the “A Hadith A Film” Short Film Competition Award Ceremony, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the series will tell of the triumph of the Ottoman Empire against the English forces. We have been working day and night to realize this project. We hope Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare will be on TRT [Turkey’s public broadcaster] in January. We will have such a great production, the likes of which viewers will have never seen before,” said the producer.

He noted that they told the story of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire with Diriliş Ertuğrul, but they will focus on recent history with Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare. “We will try to tell the story of the heroes who set off from Istanbul in World War I to go to the hot sands of the desert. We hope we can make a project worthy of our soldiers,” he continued.

“Actors in the role of soldiers should be skilled in riding a horse and the extras cast should be well educated as well. We have managed all of them in Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare,” he added. “Not only our actors but also the casting team were educated, getting up at 8 a.m. and continuing until midnight because we needed to make the work as realistic as we could.

Explaining that Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare is shot on the biggest film sets in Turkey, Bozdağ said, “We have constructed the city of Kut al-Amara again. Many prop tents, rifles and guns were made for the series. An art team of 60 or 70 people has been working on the details of it for two years.” The producer confirmed that Diriliş Ertuğrul will continue on TRT, and said, “Our cast has been educated day and night for nearly six months.

They have been trained like the soldiers in the 19th century were trained by the best commanders in Turkey. Besides all this, they also experienced the problems of the soldiers in the desert. We will see whether it will be liked as much as Diriliş Ertuğrul.” While the general is making plans to escape, Hamilton has a completely different plan in mind. Hamilton, who kidnapped Fatma, is thinking of catching Skopje in this way Will Hamilton, who has sworn to shed blood, be successful.

Mehmetcik Kutulamare Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle,, Skopje has only one plan. They will either kill the enemy or die! Skopje and others take up their weapons and take to the streets to avenge Baba Haydar, Mehmet, Zeynep, all martyrs, all sons of the country, During these times when bloody street clashes, fist fights and fights to the death are taking place, the Ottoman army is approaching the city of Kut under the command of Halil Bey…

The city of Kut, which remained in British captivity for months, will be decorated with red flags and become homeland once again when Halil Bey enters the city gate. These lands burned by the hot sun will no longer be crushed under the enemy’s boots, thanks to the wisdom of Skopje and his friends and the courage of the Ottoman soldiers.

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